Oatmeal Bread Loaves/ Haferflocken-Kastenbrote/ Kruh sa zobenim pahuljicama

Für Rezept in Deutsch bitte scrollen: One of the best smells in the world is the scent of fresh baked bread. My favorite was always my grandmother’s bread. That wonderful aroma coming from… Weiterlesen

Sweet Bread "Pogaca" with Grapes/ Pogača s grožđem/ Pogača-Brot mit Weintrauben

Für Rezept in Deutsch bitte scrollen: While  I was in Bosnia and Herzegovina on vacation, there was not one single day that I did not use for my own little research in diverse bookstores, looking… Weiterlesen

Nectarine Cake (egg-free)/ Nektarinenkuchen (ohne Ei)/ Kolač s nektarinama (bez jaja)

Für Rezept in Deutsch bitte scrollen: Today I am posting a very easy but very delicious nectarine cake (egg-free). It is moist, fruity, and both adults and children love it! NECTARINE CAKE (egg-free)… Weiterlesen

White Chocolate Dimply Plum Cake/ Pflaumenkuchen mit weisser Schokolade/ Kolač s šljivama i bijelom čokoladom

Für Rezept in Deutsch bitte scrollen: Yesterday I have been searching intensively for a nice cake recipe to use about 1 kg of plums I have brought from vacation. I have asked my… Weiterlesen

On Tour through Bosnia & Herzegovina

Für deutsche Übersetzung bitte scrollen: Dear all, it has been three weeks now since my last post…. Time flies when you have a good time :) I have mentioned in my last post… Weiterlesen

Egg-free Walnut Squares/ Walnuss-Schnitten (ohne Ei)/ Orah kocke (bez jaja)

It is a cloudy, cool day (again), and I cannot believe that summer is gone- at least for the moment! I am packing today, looking forward to our summer vacation, but this ugly weather… Weiterlesen

Raspberry-Nectarine Clafoutis/ Himbeer-Nektarinen Clafoutis/ Clafoutis s malinama i nektarinama

Clafoutis, sometimes also spelled *Clafouti, is a baked French Dessert most often with cherries arranged in a buttered deep dish pie plate or quiche pan, covered with a thick *flan-like batter. It is… Weiterlesen

Currant Oat Muffins/ Ribisel- Haferflocken Muffins/ Muffini s ribizlama i zobenim pahuljama

Last weekend I have made redcurrant oat muffins for the very first time, and was pleasantly surprised how tasty they were. These muffins are not too sweet, the redcurrants in combination with oatflakes harmonize… Weiterlesen

A Day at the Viennese Naschmarkt

Today I will not post any recipe. I thought it might be of interest to show some photos from Vienna’s best-known market: the Naschmarkt. I will share some impressions of our latest visit to… Weiterlesen

Frozen Himbeer Yoghurt/ Smrznuti jogurt s malinama/ Raspberry Frozen Yoghurt

For Recipe in English & German please scroll: Rimski car Neron, poznat i kao veliki gurman, smislio je način kako se za ljetnih žega počastiti nečim sočnim i voćnim pa je naredio da se… Weiterlesen